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Reduce physical fights, witness improved test scores, and create bully free classrooms at your school with our practical, easy-to-use Bully Free Classroom® resources 

No Kidding About Bullying
125 Ready-to-Use Activities to Help Kids Manage Anger, Resolve Conflicts, Build Empathy, and Get Along
Naomi Drew, M.A.

Based on a nationwide survey of more than 2,000 students and their teachers, No Kidding About Bullying gives educators and youth leaders a diverse range of activities they can use to help kids in grades 3–6 build empathy, manage anger, work out conflicts, and stop bullying by peers. Featuring 125 mini-lessons that may be completed in 20 minutes or less, the book is a flexible resource that can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or a complement to bullying prevention and character education programs already in place.
296 pp., S/C, 8½" x 11", for educators, group leaders, and caregivers, grades 3–6
Item #23494...$39.99

Tips for Dealing with Bullying

What to do if you have a bully problem—whether you are the target, the bystander, or the bully.
101 cards, 3" recyclable plastic screwtop jar, ages 9–14
Item #23623W...$9.99

Bully Free Zone PosterBully Free® Posters
Display them prominently and proudly. These colorful, durable, high-gloss anti-bullying posters will help define your classroom and reinforce values. They will inspire students to think before they act, prompt meaningful discussions about bullying, and serve as a constant reminder that bullying won’t be tolerated. Hang them throughout your school to reinforce character development, bullying prevention, and positive behavior.

Bully Free Zone® Poster
High Gloss, 17" x 22"
Item #24026W...$8.99

Bully Free Classroom® 
Elementary School Poster Set
High gloss, 13 3/8" x 9"
Set of 4: Item #24088W...$12.99
Anti-bullying posters

Bully Free Classroom® 
Middle School Poster Set
High gloss, 13 3/8" x 9"
Set of 4: Item #24095W...$12.99Anti-bullying posters

Additional Bullying & Conflict Resolution Resources