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Reduce physical fights, witness improved test scores, and create bully free classrooms at your school with our practical, easy-to-use Bully Free Classroom® resources 

No Kidding About Bullying (Book with CD-ROM)
125 Ready-to-Use Activities to Help Kids Manage Anger, Resolve Conflicts, Build Empathy, and Get Along
Naomi Drew, M.A.

Based on a nationwide survey of more than 2,000 students and their teachers, No Kidding About Bullying gives educators and youth leaders a diverse range of activities they can use to help kids in grades 3–6 build empathy, manage anger, work out conflicts, and stop bullying by peers. Featuring 125 mini-lessons that may be completed in 20 minutes or less, the book is a flexible resource that can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or a complement to bullying prevention and character education programs already in place.
296 pp., S/C, 8½" x 11", for educators, group leaders, and caregivers, grades 3–6
Item #23494...$39.99

Good-Bye Bully Machine
by Debbie Fox and Allan L. Beane, Ph.D., illustrated by Debbie Fox

With its sophisticated collage art, lively layout, and straightforward text, Good-Bye Bully Machine engages kids and keeps them engaged. They learn what bullying is, why it hurts, and what they can do to end it. Adults who share this book with kids can raise awareness and increase empathy by talking about bullying behaviors as fuel for the machine—and kind behaviors as a way to dismantle it.
48 pp., color illust., 8" x 8", Ages 8 & up
Hardcover: Item #23265...$12.99

Download A Leader's Guide to Good-Bye Bully Machine containing discussion questions and activities with reproducible handouts.

Good-Bye Bully Machine Card Game
by Debbie Fox and Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.

Help stop bullying and reinforce positive behaviors with this card game that encourages young people to think and talk about bullying, its implications, and ways to stop it. Based on the lively book Good-Bye Bully Machine, this anti-bullying game allows players to take turns breaking down the Bully Machine, piece by piece. As players draw cards, they discuss what they’d do in bullying situations, are asked to talk about conflict resolution skills, compliment other players, and practice empathy.

60 cards, full-color, 3" x 4½", Grades K–8
Item #23562...$12.99



The New Bully Free Classroom®
Proven Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Teachers K–8 (Revised & Updated 3rd Edition)
Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.

The New Bully Free Classroom makes it easier than ever to stop and prevent bullying. With this book, educators can help build a sense of belonging in all students and create a peaceful, caring classroom. This thorough update to the classic original takes a closer look at what bullying is and places renewed emphasis on the role (and power) of bystanders, including a new chapter focusing on empowering bystanders to be allies to targets of bullying.
192 pages, S/C, For K–8 teachers, counselors, and youth workers
Item #23821...$39.99

Bully Free Zone® In a Jar®
Tips for Dealing with Bullying

What to do if you have a bully problem—whether you are the target, the bystander, or the bully.
101 cards, 3" recyclable plastic screwtop jar, ages 9–14
Item #23623W...$9.99

Bully Free Zone PosterBully Free® Posters
Display them prominently and proudly. These colorful, durable, high-gloss anti-bullying posters will help define your classroom and reinforce values. They will inspire students to think before they act, prompt meaningful discussions about bullying, and serve as a constant reminder that bullying won’t be tolerated. Hang them throughout your school to reinforce character development, bullying prevention, and positive behavior.

Bully Free Zone® Poster
High Gloss, 17" x 22"
Item #24026W...$8.99

Bully Free Classroom® 
Elementary School Poster Set
High gloss, 13 3/8" x 9"
Set of 4: Item #24088W...$12.99
Anti-bullying posters

Bully Free Classroom® 
Middle School Poster Set
High gloss, 13 3/8" x 9"
Set of 4: Item #24095W...$12.99Anti-bullying posters

Additional Bullying & Conflict Resolution Resources