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Teaching Beyond the Test
Differentiated Project-Based Learning in a Standards-Based Age, Grades 6 & Up
Phil Schlemmer, M.Ed., and Dori Schlemmer 
Teaching Beyond the Test

To thrive in their uncertain future, students must know more than how to take tests. Transforming students into confident, self-directed, lifelong learners requires differentiated instruction and project-based learning. This practical classroom resource presents dozens of strategies for differentiation among learners (flexible grouping, choice boards, tiered assignments, and more) and a range of fully developed content-focused projects, each modeling one or more differentiation strategies. All projects are aligned with rigorous, comprehensive content standards in the areas of English/language arts, math, social studies, and science. Designed for use by any teacher, in any classroom, in any school. 

Digital content includes all customizable reproducible student forms plus four complete bonus projects.


  Downloads from Teaching Beyond the Test 

Table of Contents
“The Candidates' Debate” (book excerpt)
“Differentiation Strategy Matrix” (book excerpt)
“Model Projects Matrix” (book excerpt)



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Award WinnerReproducible handouts

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Common Core
The projects in this book have been aligned to the Common Core State Standards: College and Career Readiness (CCR) Anchor Standards. Click here for more information and a table showing specific alignments.



256 pages, softcover, black and white, 8½" x 11", Teachers, Grades 6–12, ISBN 978-1-57542-259-6

  • Distinguished Achievement Award for Differentiated Instruction/Professional Development/Adult from the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP)

“The hours this book saves teachers are immeasurable.”—Gifted Education Communicator

“A practical guide for teachers in mixed-ability classrooms to creatively meet curriculum benchmarks without focusing solely on standardized tests. Teachers will appreciate the combined use of research and practicality.”—Susan Hyde, M.Ed., Suite 101

Item No: 22596W

Price: $39.99


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What People Are Saying

"Teachers are tough customers. They want to have materials that are going to impact instruction while being very easy to use, and this book will certainly more that meet their requirements." —Randy Thompson, President, Makitso Educational Consulting

"Timeless and throughtful regarding the interplay of teachers and children in classrooms." —Robert D. Barr, coauthor, The Kids Left Behind, Director of the Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies, Boise State University