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Read How You Want


Free Spirit, collaborating with Read How You Want, can now make several books more accessible to young people with learning difficulties or visual impairments.

Select titles are available in these formats: braille, DAISY, EasyRead and large type, and e-book.

 Print Formats   DAISY Formats
  • EasyRead Formats: Books that have been optimized to improve both word recognition and ease of eye tracking by adjusting word and line spacing
  • EasyRead Super Large Formats: Books designed to make reading easier for people with a broad range of vision issues. 
  A DAISY book is a special kind of electronic book that adds an audio function for persons with reading difficulties. DAISY books play on DAISY players. They work well for vision-impaired or blind readers as well as for readers who are unable to hold a conventional book or turn pages.

DAISY empowers a reader to:

  • Listen to text as it is read aloud
  • Read the text in very large fonts
  • Read the text while listening to the audio
  • Read and listen to the text without using one’s hands
  • Bookmark passages 

Learn more about Read How You Want Print Formats.


Learn more about Read How You Want DAISY Formats.


Read How You Want has developed braille books that are:

  • Accurate
  • Low cost
  • Available quickly
  • Adequately contracted, so books have an acceptable length


Read How You Want can convert select Free Spirit titles into e-books. E-books are a convenient alternative to print books for readers on the go.

Learn more about Read How You Want Braille Formats.

  Learn more about Read How You Want
E-book Offerings


Free Spirit titles currently available through Read How You Want:

Additional titles coming soon...