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New Moon Girl Media

 Free Spirit is proud to partner with New Moon Girl Media, an ad-free online community and magazine dedicated to helping girls ages 8 and up discover and honor their true selves. New Moon Girls is for every girl who wants her voice heard, her dreams taken seriously, and her creativity celebrated.

What people are saying about New Moon Girl Media:

“As a parent, I am constantly competing with all of the media messages that only promote fashion and beauty. New Moon is the only publication I have found for this age group that has information and articles of substance, celebrating girls for who they are, not what they look like.” —Kimberly Kraus, parent

New Moon has played a critical role in my daughter’s life. . . . It is thoughtful, smart, and wise, providing a cutting edge mix that girls are hungry for. New Moon has been a valuable asset to my daughter and our family through these tween and early teen years.” —Jill Christianson, National Education Association

“I think it’s wonderful you publish girls’ thoughts, dreams, hopes, ideas, and opinions: our voices. That’s what makes your magazine so great. You’re a warm fire in a cold room where girls’ writing, ideas, and opinions are the fuel for the fire.” —Julia M., 11, member


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