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Water Planet Challenge





Water Planet Challenge logoPhilippe Cousteau’s nonprofit organization EarthEcho International has partnered with Discovery Education, Free Spirit Publishing, and other organizations to create Water Planet Challenge, the premiere online destination where middle and high school students can dare to change the world. Water Planet Challenge is an unprecedented national call-to-action that engages middle and high school students to bring about global change by taking action in their communities through service learning projects. This Web-based program provides environmental education materials, tools, and resources to empower young people to take action to restore and protect our water planet.

Water Planet Challenge provides resources at no cost to students, educators, and community leaders, including:

  • Step-by-step action guides that walk students through a project from investigation to completion, including: What's On Your Fork? a guide to exploring the environmental and community impact of your daily food choices
  • Standards-aligned lesson plans that help middle and high school teachers and students explore the impact of local action in the context of the Gulf oil disaster
  • Video segments on a variety of environmental topics educators can seamlessly integrate into existing curriculum, as well as webinars by Philippe Cousteau

With a growing library of vibrant, awe-inspiring videos, educator lesson plans, and service learning materials, Water Planet Challenge can encourage students to become engaged and involved in affecting global change.

For additional information, check out the Water Planet Challenge website.