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Free Spirit welcomes our newest education partner, TalentIgniter, which offers affordable methods for helping families and individuals with personal assessments and guidance. Deborah Ruf, Ph.D., founder of TalentIgniter, is an international authority in gifted assessment, test interpretation, and guidance for the gifted. She created the Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test Online Assessment to help parents determine what their child needs in order to succeed in school.

The Ruf Estimates™ Kids IQ Test Online Assessment will answer your questions quickly and inexpensively, plus give you so much more than just an IQ score.

  • It is a valuable tool for young children that parents complete themselves in the privacy of their home. It is based on certain developmental milestones and behaviors.
  • It provides an estimate of IQ range plus profiles in five areas: overall intelligence, fluid reasoning, verbal abilities, quantitative reasoning abilities, and spatial abilities.
  • The feeback results are divided into 13 different estimated IQ and academic ability ranges progressing from average for his or her age group all the way through the intellectual scale to the highest, most exceptionally and profoundly gifted.

Visit TalentIgniter to learn how the Ruf Estimates can help your child.