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ParentSmart KidHappy Series

Engaging, realistic stories that will ring true for parents and kids alike

Easy-to-use techniques and positive parenting language highlighted in color-coded text

A section just for adults explains the language of positive parenting

An easy, fun way to improve parenting skills—by reading with your child


The Free Spirit ParentSmart/KidHappy™ Series
by Stacey R. Kaye, illustrated by Elizabeth O. Dulemba

Children will love the full-color pictures and tender stories, and parents and caregivers will learn the language of positive parenting in this unique series. In a study, 75% of parents reported a change in how they deal with behavioral challenges after reading the ParentSmart/KidHappy series. Read more of the results.

ParentSmart/KidHappy books are the only kids’ books that engage the child and educate the parent. With honesty and gentle humor, each book shows parents how to handle daily transitions by giving encouragement, offering choices, and validating feelings.

The three parenting techniques are modeled using color-coded text to teach the language of positive parenting. These techniques are explained in detail in a section at the end of the book that is just for adults. The result: you get through everyday challenges with less stress while building your child's emotional intelligence and your own parenting skills.

Ready to Play! techniques:

  • Giving encouragement
  • Validating feelings
  • Inviting kids to brainstorm solutions and imagine outcomes
Ready for Bed! and Ready for the Day! techniques:
  • Giving encouragement
  • Validating feelings
  • Offering choices 

"Stacey Kaye has created a must-have series that will make life easier for parents and their children." —Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D., author of Raising a Thinking Child and Thinking Parent, Thinking Child


Ready to Play! coverReady to Play!
A Tale of Toys and Friends, and Barely Any Bickering

Trouble sharing. Haggles over what to play. Jealousy, hurt feelings—and of course tears when playtime ends. For kids just learning to get along, playtime can be riddled with conflict. Ready to Play! offers healthy, lasting ways to help kids cooperate, develop social skills, and have fun. View expanded description.

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Ready for Bed! coverReady for Bed!
A Tale of Cleaning Up, Tucking In, and Hardly Any Complaining

“I don’t want to go to bed!” If you’re a parent of a preschool-age child, you've probably heard this before. And you probably know about the crying fits and complaining—by both of you—that can follow. Ready for Bed! offers healthy, lasting solutions. View expanded description.

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Ready for the Day! coverReady for the Day!
A Tale of Teamwork and Toast, and Hardly Any Foot-Dragging

Getting a preschooler out the door in the morning can be a frustrating battle of wills complete with crying and complaining—by parents and kids alike. Ready for the Day! offers healthy, lasting solutions. View expanded description.

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"These books present important concepts to parents and children. They can help children learn to be aware of feelings and to engage in problem solving, key components of emotional intelligence. The explanation of these concepts at the end of the book is also important for parents to be able to generalize these skills to other areas of the child's life." —Steven Tobias, Psy.D., coauthor of Emotionally Intelligent Parenting


About the author: Stacey R. Kaye, MMR, is the mother of two young children and a self-described “Parenting Lecture Groupie.” As her first daughter grew into a feisty toddler, Stacey searched for a language she could use to discourage tantrums and meltdowns while at the same time encouraging her daughter to explore, gain confidence, and build emotional intelligence. Dozens of parenting tomes, lectures, and courses provided great theory, but not the language. That’s when Stacey began writing ParentSmart/KidHappy books.