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RTI Success
Proven Tools and Strategies for Schools and Classrooms
Elizabeth Whitten, Ph.D.Kelli J. Esteves, Ed.D., and Alice Woodrow, Ed.D. 
RTI Success
What is Response to Intervention (RTI) and how can it benefit your school? Find out in RTI Success, an all-in-one resource that provides information on this innovative model as well as step-by-step administrator guidelines and practical teacher tools for implementation.

Despite ongoing federal initiatives meant to increase the profile and prevalence of RTI in the nation's schools, many educators continue to have questions about the framework. What are the three tiers of intervention? How do screening and progress monitoring work? Is there funding available? What ultimate benefit can Response to Intervention provide?

Features of the book include:

  • 34 reproducible forms for streamlined  implementation, progress monitoring, and tier movement
  • Step-by-step guidelines for implementing RTI
  • 100+ teacher-friendly, research-based strategies for targeting specific skill deficits
  • "What to Try When" charts that help determine instruction techniques
  • Tools for differentiating instruction to meet diverse classroom needs
  • Vignettes and school profiles demonstrating RTI practices in diverse settings
  • Ready-to-use assessments and educational profiles for documentation
Digital content includes staff development tools, a PowerPoint presentation, and 34 customizable reproducible forms.

Who will benefit from RTI Success? Administrators will enjoy its detailed information on implementing the model at the school- or district-wide levels. Educators in the regular classroom can use its plentiful instructional strategies to address learners' specific difficulties. Special educators and classroom aides can utilize the book in support of screening, progress monitoring, and early intervention methods. Students, rather than struggle for long periods, can have unique needs assessed and met before academic challenges lead to chronic failure.

Response to Intervention clearly has the potential to transform how schools work. What has been less obvious to many is how to implement the framework and effectively utilize intervention strategies in the classroom. RTI Success, written by three experienced practitioners in the field, provides this how-to information that educators have been asking for.


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Reproducible handoutsCD-ROM with PowerPoint presentation

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ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: K-12 College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Every Student
MS.2, MS.3, MS.5, MS.6
BS.LS.1, BS.LS.2, BS.LS.3, BS.LS.4, BS.LS.5, BS.LS.6, BS.LS.7, BS.LS.9
BS.SMS.1, BS.SMS.2, BS.SMS.3, BS.SMS.4, BS.SMS.5, BS.SMS.6, BS.SMS.7, BS.SMS.8,, BS.SMS.10
BS.SS.1, BS.SS.3, BS.SS.8



256 pages, softcover, 8 1/2 " x 11", teachers and Administrators, grades K-12, ISBN 978-1-57542-320-3


“I purchased RTI Success and I love it! I have shared it with my RTI team, and I plan to lend it out to other key members of our district.”—Denise C. Lee, school adjustment counselor, John F. Kennedy Elementary, Brockton, MA.

“This book is a must-read for pre-service, first-year, and experienced teachers alike.”—Karen Evans, Teacher

Item No: 23203W

Price: $39.99


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