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Teen Turf

Anyone who says, “These are the best years of your life!” doesn’t remember what it’s like to be a teen. Sure, there are great days and wonderful, exciting times, but there are also terrible days and times when things seem totally frustrating, hopeless, pointless, scary, or just too boring for words.

A lot of us at Free Spirit DO remember what it’s like to be a teen. And to keep us honest, we’re always asking today’s teens what they’re experiencing, feeling, and thinking. That’s why our books and other materials ring true for teens.

If you’re looking for more than trite, recycled advice, you’ve come to the right place. With our books and materials, it’s our goal to talk TO you, never DOWN TO you. Some are very serious, and some are frank and funny guides. They all have the same purpose: giving you the tools and information you need to sort out and communicate your thoughts, solve problems, build relationships, and realize your unique talents and abilities.

Here on our site, you’ll find excerpts from some of our books for teens, and links we think you’ll like. Check them out, then let us know how we can make this an even better resource for you and your friends. Come back from time to time and see what’s new.

Wanted: Teen Advisers, Grades 6 and Up

Do you like to read? Have you ever seen a book, a poster, a game, or an advertisement and thought, “I could make this better”? If so, apply for the Free Spirit Teen Advisory Council. Council members provide us with valuable feedback on things like the design, art, and content of our products.

Get more information about the benefits and responsibilities of membership and apply today using the Teen Advisory Council flyer and application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Especially for teens:


Being Me with OCD

Words Wound


Free Spirit and Online Safety
We have carefully reviewed the links placed in this section for content and availability, and continue to do so at regular intervals. We care about young people’s safety and have only selected the most stable and reputable sites. However, the Internet is a constantly changing place, and Free Spirit Publishing is not responsible for the content found at these or related sites and cannot guarantee they are currently active. Parents, teachers, and other adults: We strongly urge you to monitor children’s use of the Internet.