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Christa Tinari

Christa M. Tinari, M.A.

Christa M. Tinari, M.A., is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and peacebuilder. She provides educational consulting on bullying prevention, social-emotional learning, and school climate improvement, to schools and organizations across the country. Christa is creator of The Feel & Deal Activity Deck, an empathy-building tool for children used on six continents. She frequently presents at conferences such as AMLE, ASCD, and the International Bullying Prevention Association. Christa passionately believes in the power of education to inspire hearts and expand minds. She lives in Pennsylvania.

Watch a free webinar with Christa M. Tinari, M.A: Everyday Strategies to Build a Sustainable Culture of Kindness 

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Christa is available to speak on these topics:
  • Character Education
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Peaceful Classrooms
  • School Climate


Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School

Practical, research-based lessons for middle school educators to teach students prosocial attitudes and behaviors to prevent bullying.

Everyday Strategies to Build a Sustainable Culture of Kindness

In this edWebinar, Christa M. Tinari, M.A., identifies key social-emotional skills, such as emotional literacy, empathy, perspective taking, and upstander skills, that can help students (and staff) show kindness even when it’s hard to do.

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