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Jonathan Chesner

Jonathan Chesner was diagnosed with ADHD at age nine, and since then he has tried to use his special powers for good (like being creative and energized) instead of evil (like getting sent to the principal’s office). He started acting when he was eighteen and has appeared in national commercials, including a campaign for Jack in the Box that aired during the Super Bowl, and in television shows such as Veronica Mars and Bones.

Jonathan attended the University of Southern California and furthered his creative pursuits by turning his off-campus apartment into an art studio/art gallery/surfboard shaping room/T-shirt factory. At twenty-two, Jonathan started his own clothing company, NiZ Couture, a T-shirt line for young adults, sold at better surf shops and boutiques in Southern California and Japan. Jonathan’s art has been shown in numerous art galleries as well as on his surf couture line. Major surf companies like Von Zipper and Future Fins have incorporated his conceptual work, and he is well-known for his unique and humorous collages.

Jonathan grew up in San Diego, California, and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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