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Shannon Anderson

Shannon Anderson is an award-winning children’s book author and loves to do author visits to teach the power of reading, writing, and learning with a growth mindset. She has taught for 25 years, from first grade through college level. Shannon also held the roles of gifted coordinator, literacy coach, and adjunct professor. A highlight of her teaching career was being named one of ten teachers who “amazed and inspired us” by the Today Show. You can learn more about her at She lives in Indiana.


A Leader’s Guide to Mindset Power

Help young readers get the most out of Mindset Power.

Coasting Casey

Coasting at school gets Casey into trouble . . . until he finds a way to use his talents and passions so being bored in class is a thing of the past.

Mindset Power

Positive, practical, you-can-do-it advice to help kids of all abilities achieve their goals and build a growth mindset.

Penelope Perfect

Penelope has a penchant for perfection, until a topsy-turvy day helps her learn to let go of perfect and just be herself.

Ready, Set, Grow! How to Teach Growth Mindset in Grades K–8

In this webinar, you'll learn how to change the way your students think about their challenges and help them set goals, overcome self-doubt, and build resilience.

Y Is for Yet

Kids learn how to adopt a growth mindset through the familiar structure of the ABCs.

Yay! You Failed!

Help young kids learn how to set goals, overcome challenges, and feel good about their efforts.

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