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Catching Happiness: How to Work Through Burnout and Be a Joy-Filled Teacher

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presented by Justin Ashley

In this webinar, award-winning teacher, motivational speaker, and author Justin Ashley addresses the whole teacher: You and your bank account. Your health. Your social network. How can you be a better teacher . . . and a better parent, spouse, and friend?
Learn how to:
  • Catch happiness in every domain—social, career, physical/emotional, and financial
  • Counteract burnout, reduce anxiety, and skillfully navigate through seasons of depression
  • Set up fun family field trips without breaking the bank
  • Build and live by a family creed
  • Create and follow a monthly cash flow plan
  • Bounce back from failure at work
  • Take advantage of exercise opportunities before, during, and after school
  • Increase your quantity and quality of sleep, so you can be fully present while you’re awake
  • Inject “Purple Cows” into your lessons that make your classroom feel like an academic playground
  • Set four “Rising Sun” goals for the next school year
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April 2, 2020 / Sharon Bellitto - Worcester, PA
How to Work through Burnout and Be a Joy Filled Teacher

Thank you for using your life's experience to help all of us. May God continue to bless you, your work and especially your family.



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