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Brains Gone Wild


From an early age, actor Jonathan Chesner knew he had the kind of brain that would wear a Hawaiian shirt and bright red pants to a wedding while most other people’s brains would wear three-piece suits. He also knew that if he learned how to manage the difficulties of ADHD and harness its awesome powers, he would help other “special brains” by sharing this knowledge in a book to slay all other books.

This is that book. ADHD in HD: Brains Gone Wild is a kinetic collection of frank personal stories of failure and success, hilarious anecdotes, wild ideas, and blunt advice that will resonate with teens and young adults. While most ADHD books are written to parents and educators, this is written to hold the attention of the teen and young adult reader with ADHD: more than 60 short essays, relevant topics, wacky illustrations—all stamped with Jonathan’s irresistible humor.

The book addresses the four main characteristics of ADHD: hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention, and indecisiveness. It provides positive advice about school, family life, social life, dating, careers, medicine, and how to be like Mr. T—even if you don’t have a Mohawk, lots of gold chains, or huge muscles.

Jonathan Chesner’s ADHD in HD is inspiring, upbeat, and fun and gives the unique perspective that ADHD isn’t all bad—it can actually be a blessing in disguise.

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ISBN: 978-1-57542-386-9
Reading Level: Grades 7 & Up
Interest Level: Ages 13 & up
Guided Reading Level: Z
Lexile Measure: 1070L
Illustrated: two-color, illust.
Trim Size: 6" x 7.5"
Page Count: 160

Praise for ADHD in HD:
“Chesner’s frank approach to problems that have occurred in his life is refreshing as well as somewhat disarming. Those who are struggling with ADHD need to see that having it is not all a downer and that there are many people with the disorder who have been über-successful.”—School Library Journal

ADHD in HD: Brains Gone Wild is a wild ride for a wild brain. With wacky illustrations and bite-sized stories, Chesner’s book includes everything from distraction to dating; school to snacks . . . I was blown away by Chesner’s positive-yet-realistic take on ADHD.”—Zoë Kessler, ADHD from A to Zoë blog, PsychCentral

“I can’t imagine a cooler book on ADHD coming along anytime soon . . . [it] will appeal to teens who wouldn’t touch a book with a 10-foot pole.”—ADDitude

ADHD in HD works at several levels—as a validation for those with ‘special brains,’ a suggestion guide for surviving and adapting, both in school and life, and a brief and nonthreatening introduction to others who know, live, work with, or teach someone with ADHD. The book should be read by all educators and given to any adolescent diagnosed with this disorder.”—VOYA

“With much practical advice, this packs in plenty of valuable content—and is pretty enjoyable, too.”—Booklist

“Readers with ADHD, and anyone else for that matter, will like the ‘go for it’ spirit of a writer who found blessings in his struggles with his ‘special brain.’”—Kirkus Reviews

“Chesner’s creativity, wit, and accomplishments in life seen throughout this book are an inspiration to anyone diagnosed with a ‘disorder’ . . . and seeing through the lens of ADHD can be a beautiful way to experience life.”—Shayne McIntyre, host of Fuel TV’s On Surfari

ADHD in HD is good fun advice for special and non-special brains alike, but instead of coming from some random dork, it comes from Jonathan, who’s like your buddy from high school—but in the future.”—Matt Powers, Formula DRIFT pro driver,

  • 2013 VOYA Nonfiction Honor List Selection

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