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Learning to Get Along® Series Interactive Software

$99.99 / $249.99

Praised by parents, embraced by educators, this early childhood development book series teaches young children how to deal with their emotions, make positive choices, solve problems, resolve conflicts, resist impulsive behavior, form relationships, work cooperatively, and more.

All fifteen books in the Learning to Get Along series are available in one kid-friendly software package. Teachers can choose which books to make available to each child, manage audio features, and track students’ progress. Children follow along or read on their own, using a special highlight feature to click and hear word definitions. A sequence of questions follows each book; test results are stored for teacher review in individual student files.

Designed for classroom use, yet equally useful at home. A User’s Guide is included. Developed in association with Attainment Company.

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Interactive Software $99.99 23722W Interactive Software 23722W $99.99
Interactive Software School Pack—5 copies $249.99 1407W Interactive Software School Pack—5 copies 1407W $249.99
ISBN: 978-1-57542-372-2
Audience: Grades K–3
Format: Software disc, compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS 10.7 or higher, touch-screen and single-switch compatible

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