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NEW! Understanding and Using the Naglieri General Ability Tests

An accessible guide to identifying gifted students and creating equity and inclusion within gifted programs.

A Leader’s Guide to Yay! You Failed!

Help young readers get the most out of the Yay! You Failed!

Redefining Talent: Strategies for Equitably Developing Talent in Kids

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how to create learning environments rich in opportunities for all students to boost their confidence and to develop talents in multiple areas.

Big Conversations with Young Children: Discussing Questions, Worries, and Fears

In this free webinar, Lauren Starnes, Ed.D., will help you prepare to answer difficult questions respectfully and in ways that are developmentally appropriate with even the youngest children.

Bright, Complex Kids

A field guide for understanding the complex characteristics and social and emotional needs of gifted kids.

Empowering Underrepresented Gifted Students

Help underserved high-potential students claim their right to an education that addresses their unique needs.

A Teacher’s Guide to Learning to Get Along®

Help young readers get the most out of the Learning to Get Along® series.

A Leader’s Guide to Ease the Tease

Help young readers get the most out of Ease the Tease.

A Leader’s Guide to Make a Friend, Be a Friend

Help young readers get the most out of Make a Friend, Be a Friend.

Create a Culture of Kindness in Elementary School

Increase empathy in the elementary classroom with ready-to-use lessons that teach students positive skills and attitudes.

A Leader’s Guide to What’s the Big Deal About Addictions?

Help readers get the most out of What’s the Big Deal About Addictions?

Finding Your Way Through Conflict: Getting Started

In this webinar, you will be introduced to basic strategies for conflict resolution in the workplace. 

Ready, Set, Grow! How to Teach Growth Mindset in Grades K–8

In this webinar, you'll learn how to change the way your students think about their challenges and help them set goals, overcome self-doubt, and build resilience.

Help Students Develop Critical Thinking Online and in the Classroom

Critical thinking is an essential tool in today’s highly complex and confusing world. In this webinar, learn how to construct challenges that develop critical thinking throughout any content area, especially in an online platform.

Responding to Student Trauma

An effective trauma-response framework for educators to help students during and after crises.

A Leader’s Guide to Dream Up Now

Help readers get the most out of Dream Up Now.

A Leader’s Guide to Lulu and the Hunger Monster

Help young readers get the most out of Lulu and the Hunger Monster.

A Teacher’s Guide to Jamie and Bubbie

Help young readers get the most out of Jamie and Bubbie.

A Leader’s Guide to Mindset Power

Help young readers get the most out of Mindset Power.

NEW! Mental Health Educator Resources, Elementary

Reduce challenging behaviors and improve elementary student outcomes by increasing your skills to support students’ mental health and social emotional learning.
Showing 1 – 20 of 72 Results

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