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In this picture book, children learn how to cope with challenging feelings.

Tears Are Not Forever

Best Behavior® Series

Available April 2022. Everyone cries. Sometimes the tears are happy ones; often, though, they come from sadness or frustration. “If you’re sad or upset, the tears may come. Crying has a purpose: it lets your feelings out and shows others you might need help.”

Sadness and disappointment are common, recurring emotions that children can learn to understand, handle, and grow from. With vivid illustrations and straightforward suggestions, Tears Are Not Forever provides practical advice for coping with these challenging feelings. “Remember: tears are not forever. In time, you will feel better.”

A section for adults reinforces the book’s message that crying is a natural, normal response to strong feelings and includes tips and activities to help children express and handle their feelings.
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Available April 2022
Interest Level: Ages 4–7
Illustrated: color illust.
Trim Size: 9" x 9"
Page Count: 40

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