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Help young children develop a growth mindset, cope with making mistakes, and learn to persevere.

Try-Again Time

Toddler Tools® Series


Oops! We all make mistakes. This reassuring book shows toddlers that mistakes are okay and helps them build resilience and independence. “Try-again time is learn-and-grow time. Take it slow . . . Ready—set—GO!” With gentle guidance on how to cope with the big feelings that come with making mistakes, young children are encouraged to think positively about their abilities and to keep trying.

A timely addition to the beloved Toddler Tools series, Try-Again Time helps young children develop a growth mindset, learn how to persevere, and practice self-regulation skills. The back of the book provides active suggestions and tips for adults to manage try-again time together. “You might need two tries, or three, or MORE . . . that’s what trying again is for!”
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Board Book $8.99 86055W Board Book 86055W $8.99
ISBN: 978-1-63198-605-5
Interest Level: Toddlers
Illustrated: color illust.
Trim Size: 7" x 7"
Page Count: 24
Praise for Try-Again Time

“Highly recommended.” —Children’s Bookwatch

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