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Mindfulness In a Jar

Mindfulness In a Jar®

101 Exercises to Help Children Focus and Calm Their Minds


Close your eyes . . . Breathe in through your nose . . . And breathe out . . . Kids feel pressure too! Helping them through their day-to-day problems can be as simple as a two-minute moment of mindfulness. Bring mindfulness-focusing techniques to your classroom, home, or anywhere. This inventive collection of quick and easy exercises helps kids live in the moment, de-stress, and zero in on the task at hand.


Jar $9.99 84365W Jar 84365W $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-63198-436-5
Interest Level: Ages 4–10
Includes: 101 cards, 3" recyclable plastic screwtop jar

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User Reviews

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June 24, 2019 / Laura Jones - Maine
THANK YOU for the wonderful products!!

I have been using “Mindful Classrooms” and “Mindfulness In a Jar” with the students that I work with in our Reset Room (where students come when they are dysregulated and/or exhibiting escalated behaviors). I am thrilled with the effective and easily-implemented suggestions in these two products…and the students seem to really benefit from, and enjoy, using them! My plan is to introduce the products to all of our classroom teachers so that they can be used school-wide next year.


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