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Rx for Stress In a Jar®

Tips for Less Stress in Kids’ Lives


Ideas, activities, and tips on stress management you can use to deal with the stress you are feeling about friends, school, or things happening at home.

Use Rx for Stress for conversation and discussion starters; warm-ups and icebreakers; writing and storytelling prompts; thought or activity of the day; daily insight and support for positive personal development; and more!


Jar $9.99 23586W Jar 23586W $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-57542-358-6
Interest Level: Ages 8 & up
Includes: 101 cards, 3" recyclable plastic screwtop jar

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June 11, 2019 / Stella - Austin, TX
RX for Stress

We used these during a district counselors meeting. We had them pick their favorites.


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