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Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen is an artist and professional illustrator of children’s picture books as well as a former songwriter and jazz musician. She has exhibited her art in galleries in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Elizabeth lives on a river running through a forest near St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Be Positive!

Help young children learn the skills and attitudes of optimism.

Bounce Back!

Encourage resilience and perseverance in young children.

Buy the Set: Being the Best Me!® Series

Unique character-education series builds positive attitudes and skills in young children.

Dream On!

Help children strengthen their imaginations, think about the future, and work toward goals.

Feel Confident!

Foster children’s confidence and decision-making skills.

Forgive and Let Go!

Foster forgiveness and acceptance in young children.

Grow Strong!

Help children learn to take care of their bodies and develop lifelong habits of self-care.

Have Courage!

Help children develop assertiveness and personal strength.

Stand Tall!

Help children develop integrity and learn to do the right thing—even when it isn’t easy.

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