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Illustrator Isabel Munoz

Isabel Muñoz

Isabel Muñoz’s dream was to paint for a living, and now she’s proud to be the illustrator of several children’s books. She works from a tiny and colorful studio in the north of Spain. You can follow her work at
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Buy the Set: We Say What’s Okay Series

Teach the building blocks of consent in a child-friendly and developmentally appropriate way.

We Accept No

A story about accepting no for an answer and how to handle the feeling of rejection.

We Are in Charge of Our Bodies

Support young children as they learn the importance of setting physical boundaries.

We Ask Permission

A story that helps with teaching boundaries.

We Can Say No

A story that helps teach young children that it’s okay to say no.

We Check In with Each Other

Help young children understand that it’s okay to establish personal boundaries and change their minds.

We Listen to Our Bodies

Deja helps young children recognize their emotions by listening to their bodies.

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