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About Us

Free Spirit Publishing is enjoying tremendous growth in our international rights department. Thanks to the Web and the proliferation of access, many publishers from around the world are discovering our titles and deciding they want to bring Self-Help for Kids® and Self-Help for Teens® to their own communities.

Young people all over the world often face many of the same challenges when it comes to learning, growing up, and relating to others. Those challenges may be bullying, stress, grief and loss, succeeding in school, or simply learning to get along with their parents or their peers. As a result, children, teens, parents, and educators are turning to the powerful, kid-friendly, and effective materials Free Spirit is known for—whether they read them in English, Thai, Slovenian, or Arabic.

If you’re an agent, scout, or publisher and would like to get information on rights availability and terms, see samples, or make appointments for book-fair meetings, please contact:

Allison Olson
DropCap, LLC
Tel: 612-355-3023


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International Rights Sold

Looking for a Free Spirit title in translation? See what editions are currently available in translation from publishers around the world. Or email international rights at for information on contacting foreign language edition publishers directly.


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