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Real Friends vs. The Other Kind app

Middle School Confidential Book 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind App

A graphic-novel app for middle schoolers

illustrated by Matt Kindt

Real Friends vs. the Other Kind is a digital graphic-novel app based on Book 2 of the Middle School Confidential series. Developed by Electric Eggplant, the app features richly layered movie-like sound effects and music and allows the reader to interact with the story of Jack, Jen, Chris, Abby, Mateo, and Michelle (characters from the first app) as they forge friendships and navigate tough social situations. They run into relationship issues such as making friends, resolving disputes, and dealing with gossip, exclusion, and cyberbullying. The app puts decision-making power into the hands of readers, with interactive quizzes that test what a real friend would do in a given situation. It will challenge teens to think about their friendships in new ways and encourage them to stand up for themselves and be more empathetic.

Designed for the hard-to-reach “tween” age group and reluctant readers, the app can also be used for discussion by parents, school counselors, speech language pathologists, autism skills trainers, and teachers who use technology in the classroom.

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Interest Level: Ages 8–14
Illustrated: color illust.

Praise for the Real Friends vs. the Other Kind App
“This book app does a great job of creating compelling and interesting characters who speak authentically about social problems that are common and relevant to this targeted audience . . . This is a group of six friends you hope your kids find in real life.”—Jinny Gudmundsen, iPad Apps for Kids For Dummies

“These entertaining stories are full of life lessons without being preachy or overly authoritative . . . preteens can connect with the characters on these pages and, hopefully, make good decisions in life.”—PadGadget

“Real Friends vs. the Other Kind [is] designed to help middle schoolers think and navigate the tricky waters of friendships. As the parent of a twelve-year-old, I’m grateful for resources like this . . . I appreciate the fact that I can give my daughter a tool which will provide her with empowerment and positive solutions to some of the problems she’s facing.”—Heather Leister, the iPhone Mom

“Exceptional . . . If a 5-Star app could get better, this series just did with [interactive quizzes that] help young people integrate the lessons they are learning into their real lives. This is a well-developed app that is based on top-notch content that is not only educational but also a fun read. My highest recommendation!”—Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime

“[My fifth grader] found the app very helpful. He said he is going through some of the same problems as the kids in the story. As a parent, I see the value in the lines of communication it opened between us. I didn’t know he was experiencing some of the issues from the story . . . now I do and I can help him navigate the tricky waters of adolescent friendships.”—Hillary Chybinski, parenting blogger at My Scraps

“Real Friends vs. the Other Kind equips kids with the knowledge of how to be a great friend, and [offers] advice on how to influence others to mirror that behavior. This app is certainly a game-changer.”—Apps 4 Moms

“[Features] very real and down-to-earth social situations . . . great for kids with special needs. [An] excellent tool to learn about friendships—I highly recommend this.”—Super Mommy to the Rescue

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