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What's Up with My Family app

Middle School Confidential Book 3: What’s Up with My Family? App

A graphic-novel app for middle schoolers

illustrated by Matt Kindt

What’s Up with My Family? is a digital graphic-novel app based on Book 3 of the Middle School Confidential series. The sequel to Electric Eggplant’s award-winning tween graphic-novel app Real Friends vs. the Other Kind, this third installment of the series continues the story of Jack, Jen, Chris, Abby, Mateo, and Michelle—who are realizing that growing up often means changes at home. It follows the gang as they each work through some difficult family situations and learn to appreciate the people they live with . . . even siblings!

Designed for the hard-to-reach “tween” age group and reluctant readers, the app can also be used for discussion by parents, school counselors, speech language pathologists, autism skills trainers, and teachers who use technology in the classroom.

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Interest Level: Ages 8–14
Illustrated: color illust.
  • Editor’s Choice Award—Children’s Technology Review

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