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Free Spirit Publishing Online Book Readings – COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear Educators, Librarians, and Booksellers:
We appreciate your work on behalf of children at this crucial time. The terms listed here are meant to be your guide in using Free Spirit books to support distance learning. Further down are our standard permissions guidelines.

Requests for live, unrecorded readings:
Free Spirit Publishing is pleased to grant permission for one-time live readings of our books.

If you are hosting a virtual read-aloud with a Free Spirit book, you must:
  • Host only live readings rather than uploading recordings
  • Credit Free Spirit as publisher
  • Name as the URL where viewers can find the book
  • Delete videos on platforms that auto-archive live videos
Please email us at with the following information: your name, your organization/school and its location (city and state or country), the title and author/illustrator of the Free Spirit book you will be reading online, and the platform and date of the reading.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to supporting the social emotional and academic needs of all kids! We would love to follow along via social media. Please tag us at:

Facebook: FreeSpiritPublishing
Instagram: @FreeSpiritPublishing
Twitter: @FreeSpiritBooks

Requests for recorded readings:
Please be aware that we cannot grant permission for recorded readings of Free Spirit books to be posted online. See below for additional permissions information and contact us at if you have further questions.

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Free Spirit Publishing’s Copyright and Permission Policies

All published material by Free Spirit Publishing, including text, illustrations, graphics, and audio, is protected under copyright law. You must obtain permission in writing from Free Spirit if you wish to reproduce our material in any form.

All permission requests must be submitted in writing, either by email, fax, or mail. It is not Free Spirit’s policy to grant requests verbally.

For academic photocopy requests, please contact:
Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923
Phone: 978.750.8400
Fax: 978.750.4470

Your request will be processed faster if you apply online at

For all other permission requests, please complete our permission request form.

Completed forms may be emailed to, faxed to 612.337.5050, or mailed to:
Free Spirit Publishing
Attn: Permissions
6325 Sandburg Road, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55427

Requests are generally processed in 3–4 weeks and we encourage you to send your request as early as possible. If you have a specific date by which you need permission, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request, although we cannot make any guarantees. Please be advised that in order to protect our intellectual property and our authors’ rights, we may need to charge a fee.

Questions? Please read the following FAQ. Contact if your query is not addressed in the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright and Permissions

Copyright and Permissions Basics

Obtaining Permission

General Questions

Copyright and Permissions Basics

What Free Spirit materials are protected by copyright?

All material published and produced by Free Spirit is protected by copyright. This includes but is not limited to: books, text, illustrations, audio, photos and other images, CD-ROMs, DVDs, jars, posters, card games, website content, e-newsletter content, blogs, and catalogs.

Free Spirit materials that do not include a copyright notice (e.g., copyright © 2009) are still protected by copyright law.

Free Spirit, Free Spirit Publishing, and associated logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Free Spirit Publishing and may not be used without written permission. Please see below for a complete listing of our logos and trademarks.

When do I need to request permission from Free Spirit?

Generally, if you wish to reproduce or reprint Free Spirit material in any form, you will need to obtain written permission. If you are quoting or paraphrasing a very small portion of our material, contact us and we will help you determine if permission is required. When in doubt, always seek permission first.

In some instances, using copyrighted material specifically for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research without the permission of the copyright holder is permitted as fair use under U.S. Copyright Law. If permission is not required, we ask that you still credit Free Spirit Publishing as the original source. For more information on fair use and copyright in general, please visit the U.S. Copyright Office website.

Obtaining Permission

How do I request permission to photocopy pages from a Free Spirit book?

If you wish to photocopy Free Spirit material for academic use, please submit your request to:

Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923
Phone: 978.750.8400
Fax: 978.750.4470

For nonacademic photocopy requests, please complete our permission request form. In order to process your request in a timely manner, be sure to indicate which pages from our book you wish to copy, how many copies you would like to make, and for what purpose.

How do I obtain permission to include Free Spirit content in another publication?

To request permission to use Free Spirit material in another publication (book, journal, article, etc.), please submit a completed permission request form. We cannot process a request without the following information:

  • Title, date of publication, and page numbers of the Free Spirit publication from which you wish to reprint
  • Type of publication you are producing
  • Title, publisher, publication date, page count, list price, and print quantity of your book or other publication
  • Copies of our material as it will appear in your book or other publication
  • Language and territories of distribution for which you are seeking permission

Failure to include this information will significantly delay the processing of your request.

If permission is granted, you must send two copies of your work upon publication to Free Spirit.

Does Free Spirit grant permission and/or offer site licenses to make publications including CD-ROMs available in electronic format on an intranet, a flash drive, or an online page?

Yes, Free Spirit does offer site licenses. When completing our permission request form, please ensure your request includes all of the following details:

  • Title, date of publication, and page numbers of the Free Spirit publication from which you wish to reproduce
  • Format in which you seek to disseminate Free Spirit material
  • Number of unique users who will be allowed access
  • How long users will have access to Free Spirit material
  • Fee users will be charged to gain access

If seeking permission to reproduce Free Spirit material on the Internet, please also indicate whether your website is password protected.

How do I obtain permission to use a Free Spirit publication at a conference or in a multimedia presentation?

Please submit your request in writing using our permission request form, and include the following:

  • Title, date of publication, and page numbers of the Free Spirit publication from which you wish to reproduce
  • Name, date, and location of conference/presentation
  • Approximate audience size
  • Format in which you seek to reproduce Free Spirit material (e.g., handout, PowerPoint presentation, etc.)

Please also specify whether this will be a single or ongoing presentation.

Does Free Spirit grant permission to translate an excerpt or an entire publication into another language for sale outside the United States?

You may obtain permission to translate an excerpt into a foreign language by completing our permission request form.

If you are seeking permission to translate an entire Free Spirit publication, please direct your query to our International Rights department, at Generally, Free Spirit does not grant translation rights for an entire book to an individual, but rather licenses foreign language rights to other publishers. For more information on what rights have already been sold, please visit our International Rights page.

General Questions

How long will it take to obtain permission?

Since many requests require research, we cannot guarantee a precise turnaround time. Generally, Free Spirit will process your application in 3–4 weeks and we will contact you if additional information is required. Should you have a specific deadline, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate your request. For follow-up inquiries or for further information, please send an email to

I have permission from the author. Do I still need to request permission from Free Spirit?

Yes. Free Spirit is the copyright holder and you must obtain written permission to use our material.

In some instances, the rights will revert back to the author when a book is no longer in print. If you are seeking permission to reprint from an out-of-print book, we will notify you of its status and will forward your request to the current copyright holder.

Do I need to request permission each time I wish to use Free Spirit content?

Yes. In most cases, Free Spirit grants nonexclusive permission for one-time use only. Unless the permission agreement states otherwise, you must submit a request each time you wish to excerpt or adapt our material even if permission was granted for a prior edition or format. Additionally, site licenses are valid for a limited time only.

Will a fee be charged? How much will it be?

In order to protect our intellectual property rights and the rights of our authors, we may need to charge a fee. Please be as specific as possible when completing the permission request form to ensure that we can fairly determine the costs for all rights.

Is there a limit to the amount of material I may request to use?

As a general rule, our policy allows for no more than 10 percent of a book to be reproduced. When requesting permission, please keep this amount in mind.


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