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All Book Series

With Free Spirit’s children’s book series, you get even more of the books you want and love. From our best-selling board books for toddlers and preschoolers to series on social-emotional skills and character education, these books offer up-to-date information and practical, kid-friendly advice for kids, tweens, and teens—as well as for their parents and teachers.

All of our series are growing—often in response to customer requests for new titles. Is there a topic you want to see covered? Send an email to

All the Time Series

Charming books that focus on affirmation and emotional support using the phrase “All the Time.”

Being the Best Me!® Series

This unique character-education series builds positive attitudes and skills in young children.

Best Behavior® Series

Simple words and delightful full-color illustrations guide children to choose peaceful, positive behaviors. Each book in the series includes a special section for parents and caregivers with ideas for discussion and activities.

Bully Free Classroom®

Reduce physical fights, improve test scores, and create bully free classrooms at your school with our practical, easy-to-use Bully Free Classroom resources.

Bully Free Kids®

Free Spirit Publishing’s innovative line of bullying prevention resources just for kids.

Everyday Feelings Series

Six humorous and engaging books help young children understand and cope with difficult feelings.

Everyday Mindfulness Series

Beautifully illustrated picture books show children how to use mindfulness in their everyday lives to feel calmer and happier.

Happy Healthy Baby® Series

Bouncy rhymes combine with photos and illustrations to hold baby’s attention in a series about love, safety, and confidence.

Jamie Is Jamie Series

Jamie helps kids feel safe and confident as they explore who they are.

Kids Are Important Series

Free Spirit’s meaningful Kids Are Important series offers wise and practical help for kids going through troubled times—and for adults who are there to guide them. These gentle, affirming books are meant to be read aloud with kids sitting close by so everyone can see the full-color, true-to-life illustrations.

Kids Can Cope Series

These friendly and reassuring picture books help kids cope with challenges in healthy ways.

Laugh & Learn® Series

Sound advice—with a silly side—that kids, tweens, and teens can turn to for help with real-life anxieties and issues.

Learning About Me & You Series

Board books to guide toddlers and preschoolers in developing early social skills.

Learning to Get Along® Series

Colorful stories demonstrate to children how important emotional skills are in social settings.

Little Laugh & LearnTM Series

Laugh & Learn® for the younger crowd! Sound advice—with a silly side—that kids can turn to for help with real-life anxieties and issues.

Middle School Confidential Series

An award-winning graphic-novel series featuring a blend of fiction and practical advice for the middle school years.

Our Emotions and Behavior Series

Help kids understand and manage their emotions with this fun illustrated series.

Real Kids, Real Stories Series

Inspire kids and teens to personal, community, and social action with the Real Kids, Real Stories series.

Safe & Caring Schools® Series

Ready-to-use activities integrate into the daily curriculum to help teachers create a safe and caring classroom.

SEL Classroom Libraries

Develop children’s social and emotional skills, cultivate culturally responsive classrooms, and reduce challenging behaviors with our best-selling books for toddlers and preschoolers.

Self-Help for Kids®

Free Spirit is the leading publisher of learning tools that support children’s social-emotional health.

Self-Help for Teens®

Free Spirit is the leading publisher of learning tools that support teens’ social-emotional health.

Sometimes When Series

With quiet, sensitive illustrations, the Sometimes When collection helps young children work through big feelings.

Student Mental Health Sets

Support students’ mental health and social emotional learning with book sets organized by age and grade level.

Survival Guides for Kids

Straightforward, friendly, and loaded with practical advice, the Free Spirit Survival Guides for Kids give kids the tools they need to not only survive, but thrive.

Teens & the Law Series

This series familiarizes young readers with our legal system, dispels myths and mysteries, and shows that the law is by and for the people—including teens.

Toddler Tools® Series

Warm in tone and adorable to look at, these special books help ease trying “times” in every toddler’s day.

Together In Our World Series

Help kids make sense of the world and become global citizens.

We Say What’s Okay Series

Teach the building blocks of consent in a child-friendly and developmentally appropriate way.

Weird Series

One story of bullying, told three ways by all three characters—sensitively captured and charmingly illustrated.

Zach Rules Series

William Mulcahy’s engaging stories of Zach and his family make learning life skills easy and fun.


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