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Help young kids learn how to set goals, overcome challenges, and feel good about their efforts.

Yay! You Failed!

illustrated by Steve Mark

Celebrate mistakes and setbacks! In Yay! You Failed!, young readers learn how to set goals, overcome challenges, build resilience, and believe in themselves.

Simple “you-can-do-it” strategies in this book can help kids learn:
  • why practice makes progress, not perfect
  • ways to keep going when the going gets tough
  • how to set and achieve goals
  • tips for looking on the bright side and staying positive
Yay! You Failed! is a growth mindset chapter book that will appeal to kids beginning to read independently. With its humorous and light-hearted tone, kids are encouraged to develop the life skills needed to set goals and overcome challenges. Includes a glossary of terms to support children’s vocabulary growth.
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Paperback $10.99 87199 Paperback 87199 $10.99
ISBN: 978-1-63198-719-9
Interest Level: Ages 6–9
Guided Reading Level: P
Illustrated: color illust.
Trim Size: 6.25" x 8"
Page Count: 88

Help young readers get the most out of Yay! You Failed!

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