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How and Why to Get Students Talking (TEST)

How (and Why) to Get Students Talking

78 Ready-to-Use Group Discussions About Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Relationships, and More (Grades 6–12)
(Revised & Updated Edition)


In our digital era, young people need a safe, supportive place to connect and “just talk” with caring peers and an attentive adult. With more inclusive language, new discussion topics about social media, and a revised introduction, this updated edition of How (and Why) to Get Students Talking addresses the unique issues faced by today’s middle and high school students. Through guided group discussions, young people gain self-awareness, build important verbal communication skills, cope with difficult emotions, practice problem-solving, and more.

The book’s guided conversations are proven ways to reach out to young people and address their social-emotional development, and the discussions can be easily adapted and customized. Introductory and background materials prepare group leaders of all experience levels to feel confident as discussion facilitators. Includes digital content with reproducible handouts from the book.
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ISBN: 978-1-63198-406-8
Audience: Advising teachers, counselors, youth workers, and parents of students in grades 6–12
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 296
Digital Content: Includes reproducible handouts from the book.
Praise for How (and Why) to Get Students Talking

“Dr. Peterson has created an incredible and beneficial tool to help lead teen group discussions. She provides keen insight on how to get teens to talk, thereby building relationships among adults and peers. The thorough introduction and explanation of the ‘how,’ ‘where,’ and ‘why’ to get teens talking is done in an expert way so an untrained adult could lead a group without difficulty. Teens will learn tools to use in their current situations as well as communication and coping skills they can use throughout their lifetime.”—Amanda Wicinski Smith, M.S., NCC, school counselor, Round Lake High School
  • ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success

    MS.1, MS.2, MS.3, MS.4, MS.5, MS.6
    BS.LS.1, BS.LS.2, BS.LS.4, BS.LS.5, BS.LS.6, BS.LS.7, BS.LS.8, BS.LS.9, BS.LS.10
    BS.SMS.1, BS.SMS.2, BS.SMS.3, BS.SMS.4, BS.SMS.5, BS.SMS.6, BS.SMS.7, BS.SMS.8, BS.SMS.9, BS.SMS.10
    BS.SS.1, BS.SS.2, BS.SS.3, BS.SS.4, BS.SS.5, BS.SS.6, BS.SS.7, BS.SS.8, BS.SS.9

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