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Leadership Is a Life Skill

Leadership Is a Life Skill

Preparing Every Student to Lead and Succeed


Go beyond basic leadership training and transform your district, school, or classroom into one where leadership is built into the foundation. Beyond academic knowledge and technical skills, it’s often our ability to lead that brings success. Award-winning youth leadership expert Mariam G. MacGregor believes all kids can be leaders, not just those who hold traditional student leadership positions such as class president and team captain. Emphasizing learnable skills, this book’s leadership approach is rooted in social-emotional acuity and character. The benefit? A more positive school culture with students who see their own leadership potential and are prepared to succeed now and in the future, whether they go to college or directly into the workplace. Includes digital forms with activities, planners, and surveys.
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ISBN: 978-1-63198-248-4
Audience: Administrators and teachers of grades K–12
Trim Size: 7.25" x 9.25"
Page Count: 168
Digital Content: Includes sample schedules, lesson plans, activities, discussions, parent letter, classroom management chart, and customizable surveys, one for elementary and one for secondary students
Praise for Leadership Is a Life Skill:

“If you are looking for a book to transform your school system, this is it. Practical, thoughtful, comprehensive, informative, helpful, positive, and personal, Leadership Is a Life Skill will help you make a difference at the ground level whether you are a student, teacher, staff, administrator, parent, or board member.”—Barry Z. Posner, Ph.D., professor of leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University and coauthor of The Leadership Challenge
Leadership Is a Life Skill is a thoughtful guide for cultivating a leadership culture that will benefit students of all abilities. As a mother of a child with multiple disabilities, I am encouraged by the inclusive strategies and activities Mariam presents to support and develop confident, tolerant, and empathetic current and future leaders in our schools and communities.”—Jocalyn Briggs, certified teacher for students with visual impairments, inclusion specialist, and disability advocate
Leadership Is a Life Skill is a great resource for anyone who works with children and teens. Mariam brilliantly demonstrates the need for teaching and modeling leadership skills, and her process for performing an audit to find the missing pieces in each school or group working with adolescents is easy to do and applicable across the board. As the executive director of an organization who has benefited firsthand from Mariam’s insight and coaching, her tools and guidelines are relevant in preparing students, educators, and schools for necessary skill sets personally and professionally. When students are taught that everyone has a place at the table, it shifts the dynamic to value and collaboration.”—Kristin Steadman, founder and executive director of Night Lights
“I have had numerous coaches throughout my athletic and business careers; however, very few individuals have been as clear and profound in their coaching as Mariam MacGregor. Leadership is in her DNA. You will get timely insights from her book Leadership Is a Life Skill. This content is essential for anyone interested in unleashing leadership potential within our children. Mariam’s work has made measurable improvements in both my personal and professional lives.”—Cedric James, director of TCU IdeaFactory, K–12 student mentor, and former NFL athlete
Leadership Is a Life Skill provides the blueprint to develop leadership as a school-wide focus, which will yield ongoing benefits to individuals and to communities. Launching young people on a lifetime of effective leadership is a game changer.”—Dr. Julia Link Roberts, Mahurin Professor of Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University
How to Fill the World with Leaders: Creating School Cultures Where Student Leadership Thrives
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