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10 tools for developing talents in multiple areas, from academics to arts to athletics, in all kids

Talent Zones

10 Tools to Help Kids Develop Their Talents

Available March 2022. Many believe that talent is inherent—a person either has it or doesn’t. But research shows that a student’s environment is a critical determinant for developing talents. In Talent Zones, Dr. Lee Hancock redefines talent so that parents, teachers, and coaches of kids can create environments rich in opportunities for all kids to boost their confidence and for developing talents in multiple areas, from academics to arts to athletics.

Hancock presents ten evidence-based, developmentally appropriate strategies called Talent Development Zones (TDZs). These TDZs transform talent concepts and research into practical strategies adults can use to create environments for developing talents. Strategies include:
  • Provide opportunities for deep, deliberate practice
  • Develop and inspire creativity
  • Build “I can” kids
  • Help kids manage pressure 
For more than 20 years, the author has worked with athletes from youth to professional and with classroom teachers, students, and parents of awesome kids. He’s translated research and experience into approachable strategies for equitably developing talents in kids now and as they grow up.
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Available March 2022
Audience: Grades K–8, youth program coordinators, coaches, counselors, parents and guardians, teachers and administrators
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