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30 hands-on lessons provide students opportunities to learn and practice self-regulation strategies

Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect

Lessons for Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness


Available October 2022. Students today face many challenges that did not exist a generation or two ago, and rates of emotional disorders (including anxiety and depression) have increased steadily over the years. Students must also manage an overwhelming amount of information. With today’s reliance on technology and social media, they have fewer opportunities to develop effective self-regulation strategies and interpersonal and stress management skills.

Helping students understand their emotions and behavior when they’re young will set them on a path to being successful learners and empathetic people throughout their lives. With thirty easy-to-implement, skill-based lessons and activities, Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect provides educators with strategies to help students: 
  • manage and reduce their anxiety with healthy coping skills
  • understand and regulate physical responses to stress
  • separate emotions from actions
  • respond mindfully (rather than impulsively) to difficult situations
  • improve social skills, social awareness, and self-regulation
  • develop empathy and compassion
Digital content includes reproducible student handouts that accompany each lesson, plus six bonus lessons.
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Paperback $34.99 83474 Paperback 83474 $34.99
Available October 2022
Audience: Elementary school educators, Grades 3+
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 198
Digital Content: Includes reproducible student handouts that accompany each lesson plus six bonus lessons
Praise for Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect

“The perfect resource to teach students the skills they need to pause in the midst of frustration, to calm in the midst of chaos, and to connect with each other. This book is a must-have for every teacher.”—Sarah Newman, AMFT, educator and founder of Mindful Kids

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