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September 2022: Tools to Help Kids Develop Their Talents

August 2022: How to Create an Emotion-Rich Classroom

July 2022: The Wonderful World of Picture Books

June 2022: Summer Learning for Early Childhood Educators

May 2022: Build Trust and Create Welcoming Spaces with Affirmation

April 2022: Getting Ready for Mental Health Awareness Month This May

March 2022: Talking About Tough Topics with Children and Adults

February 2022: How to Help Children Manage Big Feelings

January 2022: Help Students Build Self-Confidence in the New Year


December 2021: Books That Support Children's Social and Emotional Development

November 2021: A New Kind of Gratitude

October 2021: Meeting the Unique Needs of Gifted and 2e Students

September 2021: Empower Students to Take Control of Their Digital Lives

August 2021: Review and Refresh Social and Emotional Skills

July 2021: Personalize Your Professional Learning This Summer

June 2021: Creating LGBTQ-Inclusive Spaces for Students

May 2021: Prioritize Mental Health and Well-Being

April 2021: Make Every Day Earth Day

March 2021: Tools to Help Kids Cope with Difficult Feelings and Situations

February 2021: Create a Culture of Kindness

January 2021: What Stories Will You Tell in 2021?


December 2020: Encourage Self-Discovery in the New Year

November 2020: Finding Your Way Through Conflict

October 2020: Responding to Student Trauma

September 2020: September Is Hunger Action Month

August 2020: SEL Tools for Back to School

July 2020: The Power of Kids' Voices for Change

June 2020: Free Spirit Professional: Resources for You

May 2020: SEL for You and Your Students

April 2020: Emotional Support for Uncertain Times

March 2020: Grow Your Bilingual SEL Library

February 2020: Leadership Is a Life Skill

January 2020: Seize the Opportunities of a New Year


December 2019: Sitting in the Calm

November 2019: Undistracted: Helping Students Learn How to Learn

October 2019: Smart, Sharp, and Ready for (Almost) Everything

September 2019: Get Ready for ADHD Awareness Month

August 2019: Everyday SEL for the School Year

July 2019: Open a Jar Full of Summertime Fun

June 2019: Your Summer Learning Center

May 2019: How to De-ACHE Mistakes

April 2019: The ABCs of Movement

March 2019: Plant the Seeds of Growth

February 2019: Exercise Your Compassion Muscles

January 2019: Differentiate Your Year


December 2018: Take Time Out for Mindfulness

November 2018: Your Holiday Survival Guide

October 2018: Empower Kids to Be Change Makers

September 2018: Gearing Up for Bullying Prevention Month

August 2018: Back to School for Teachers

July 2018: Summer Fun in a Jar

June 2018: It's Pride Month

May 2018: Focus on Mental Health This May

April 2018: April Is Autism Awareness Month

March 2018: End Peer Cruelty, Build Empathy

February 2018: Teach and Inspire Your Students to Become Leaders

January 2018: Make Your New Year's Resolution a Gifted One


December 2017: Recharge, Reflect, and Reenergize

November 2017: All Families Are Different--Give Thanks for Yours!

October 2017: Stay Positive! And Don't Lose Sight of Your Emotional Wellness

September 2017: Gear Up for Bullying Prevention Month

August 2017: Helping Students Transition into a New School Year

July 2017: Inspiration for Summer Service Projects to Save Our Earth

June 2017: "Are We There Yet?" Jars Full of Boredom-Busting Summer Fun

May 2017: Spring into Kindness

April 2017: Find Balance and Avoid Teacher Burnout

March 2017: Create a Thriving, Student-Centered Classroom with Differentiation

February 2017: Understanding LD and Helping Kids in Special Ed Persevere


December 2016: Making Positive Change--both Big and Small--in the World

November 2016: Teaching Kids Common Cents About Money

October 2016: Creating Positive Climate Change in Your School

September 2016: Why Every Vote Really Does Matter

August 2016: Prepping for Bullying Prevention Month

July 2016: Stay Busy Over Summer Vacation

June 2016: Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners and Bilingual Immersion Programs

May 2016: Easing the Transition to a School-Wide Program or Policy

April 2016: The Benefits of Intentional Teaching

March 2016: Fight Pre-Spring Crankiness with Free Spirit

February 2016: Leap Year with Smart Steps

January 2016: New Year’s Resolutions for Your School and Classroom!

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