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Developing a Visual Learning and Teaching Toolbox

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presented by Susan Daniels, Ph.D.

Emojis . . . avatars . . . icons . . . Our world is becoming increasingly reliant on visual communication. Yet our classrooms still heavily focus on traditional oral and written instruction.

In this webinar, Dr. Susan Daniels, author of Visual Learning and Teaching, explores creative and practical strategies that enable educators to work with the foundational skills of visual learning in the classroom. Attendees build a “visual toolbox” for use in visual learning and teaching. Based on the visual triad model, Dr. Daniels: 
  • Looks at how we can use the images we see, imagine, and depict while teaching and learning visually
  • Examines research based on dual-coding theory, which illustrates how students learn best and have greater retention when working both visually and verbally
  • Explores instructional strategies that are part of a “visual toolbox” teachers can use in K–8 classrooms
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