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Emotional Intelligence in ELA and Social Studies: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into the Curriculum in Ways that Satisfy State Standards

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Nearly every educator can think of a student who has the intellectual ability to succeed in school but who fails or falls behind because of a lack of social-emotional skills. These students may not be able to focus, listen, control impulses, self-motivate, or self-regulate, which naturally prevents them from learning and performing to their full potential. However, students become totally engaged when they are learning about their favorite subject—themselves. And one of the greatest benefits of integrating social-emotional learning (SEL) with ELA and social studies is that it is student-centered.

In this webinar, Jonathan Erwin, M.A., provides a research-based rationale for teaching SEL, shares lessons that teach specific SEL skills, and shows how you can use SEL content to satisfy state standards. Leverage Erwin’s 30-plus years in education to learn how SEL can be an excellent vehicle for satisfying the requirements of your state’s ELA standards in addition to improving students’ attitudes and behaviors. This webinar will benefit ELA and social studies teachers of third through twelfth grades, counselors, social workers, and youth empowerment leaders.
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