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Ready, Set, Grow! How to Teach Growth Mindset in Grades K–8

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presented by Shannon Anderson

Everyone faces obstacles and it’s easy to get stuck in a fixed mindset or give up when we encounter them. In this webinar, learn how to change the way your students think about their challenges so instead of giving up, they can grow, feel better about themselves, and get better at the things they try.

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April 30, 2022 / Rebecca - Drew ES
Many classroom ideas

I loved this PD, is very informative, provides many strategies and suggestions teachers can use immediately to help students understand what is having a fix mind set or a growth match up. I like her ideas about being positive and introducing lessons using mentor text, how it relate to the strategy they are working on in class, so the students can understand the content of discussion. I walked out having a few ideas to implement in my class. I like the idea of teaching children that failing the 1st time should be seen as the first attempt in learning rather than feeling that they had failed.

August 3, 2021 /
Growth Mindset is Powerful!

Growth mindset is a foundation kids need to believe in themselves and look at learning in a new way. Lots of info in this webinar and the books need to be in schools and homes.


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