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Evelyn Randle-Robbins

Evelyn M. Randle-Robbins, M.A.

Evelyn M. Randle-Robbins, M.A., holds a master’s in school leadership and supervision from Concordia University, as well as a master’s in elementary education from Columbia College. After serving as an educator in the Chicago Public Schools for over thirteen years, Evelyn became assistant principal of Howe School of Excellence, a K–8 school in Chicago, and later became principal at the Curtis School of Excellence, also in Chicago. With her extensive experience at every level of school operations, Evelyn has both the theoretical knowledge and hands-on “know-how” to bring about school transformation and improvement. She lives in Chicago with her family.


The Hands-On Guide to School Improvement

Create meaningful change and improvement in schools with this real-world guide from an experienced principal.

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