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Merle Froschl

Merle Froschl is codirector of the Educational Equity Center at the Academy for Educational Development (AED). Prior to joining AED, she was cofounder and codirector of Educational Equity Concepts, where she developed innovative programs and materials to promote bias-free learning. Her articles include: “Teasing and Bullying Behavior in Early Education” (Equity and Excellence in Education, April 2000), “Fostering Friendships, Curbing Bullying” (Educational Leadership, May 1999), and “On-Purpose: Addressing Teasing and Bullying in Early Childhood” (Young Children, March 1999). Merle holds a B.S. in journalism from Syracuse University and is a graduate of the Institute for Not-for-Profit Management, Columbia University. Merle Froschl lives in New York City.

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The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book

Learn how to address teasing and bullying behavior before it happens, and create a caring environment in your classroom.

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