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A Story About Overcoming Bullying in Schools

illustrated by Paula Heaphy

Thomas feels like no matter what he does, he can’t escape Kyle’s persistent bullying. At school, at soccer—nowhere feels safe! “Mom said Kyle would grow up over the summer and stop picking on me, but he didn’t grow up, he just grew.” With support from friends, classmates, and adults, Thomas starts to feel more confident in himself and his hobbies, while Kyle learns the importance of kindness to others. The book concludes with “activity club” pages for kids, as well as information to help parents, teachers, counselors, and other adults foster dialogue with children about ways to stop bullying.


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PB ISBN: 978-1-57542-496-5
Reading Level: Grade 2
Interest Level: Ages 5–9
Guided Reading Level: M
Lexile Measure: 520L
Illustrated: color illust.
Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 48
Praise for Nobody!
Nobody! acknowledges the isolating and painful effects of bullying, while letting children know that they are not alone. This book offers a holistic view of bullying prevention that recognizes the needs of all of the children involved, including the target, bystanders, and the child who is bullying. Using simple, yet powerful language, Nobody! helps children embrace what makes them special and unique, and provides positive steps to help stop bullying in their schools. It’s a great tool to help start conversations about kindness, empathy, and acceptance.”—Julie Hertzog, director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Nobody! A Story About Overcoming Bullying in Schools is chock-full of practical and sound strategies to combat the damage that bullying does. I heartily recommend it!”—David Walsh, Ph.D., psychologist, parenting expert, and best-selling author
“Heaphy does an excellent job portraying emotions through facial expressions and posture . . . The backmatter is especially valuable, breaking down the actions that Thomas, his friends, and Kyle took to help end the bullying, giving ideas about combating bullying and thinking differently about oneself, and providing parents with constructive discussion questions.”—Kirkus Reviews
Nobody! is a creative, appealing book of ways to survive, endure, and prevent or turn around bullying behavior in children.”—The Midwest Book Review
“Many books about bullying encourage self-confidence and compassion, but Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy take it a step further in Nobody! by showing the thoughts and feelings of a bullied child over time as he learns how to approach the situation . . . A perfect addition to classrooms and homes.”—Foreword Reviews
  • 2016 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Finalist

Help young readers get the most out of Nobody!

  • Common Core State Standards


  • ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success

    MS.1, MS.3
    BS.LS.1, BS.LS.4, BS.LS.9
    BS.SMS.1, BS.SMS.2, BS.SMS.6, BS.SMS.7, BS.SMS.9, BS.SMS.10
    BS.SS.1, BS.SS.2, BS.SS.3, BS.SS.4, BS.SS.5, BS.SS.6, BS.SS.7, BS.SS.8, BS.SS.9

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