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Everyday Leadership

Attitudes and Actions for Respect and Success
(A guidebook for teens)


Written and experiential activities help teens discover their own leadership potential and develop skills that guide them to act responsibly and make a difference in the world around them. Teens gain a greater understanding of who they are, what matters to them, how that translates into leadership, and how leadership relates to everyday life. Written activities encourage reflection; “do something” activities call for commitment and action. Both enable teens to reach new levels of leadership. Created for use with Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens, this consumable guide also functions as a stand-alone resource for personal growth.

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Paperback $9.99 22121 Paperback 22121 $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-57542-212-1
Reading Level: Grade 6
Interest Level: Ages 11 & up
Guided Reading Level: X
Trim Size: 7" x 9"
Page Count: 144
In the Real World
Mark Kosinski, a guidance counselor and teacher in Chillicothe, Illinois, uses Building Everyday Leadership and Everyday Leadership student books for a high school leadership class. He told us his students especially respond to the “Prejudice Gallery” activity, in which students examine positive and negative stereotypes about different groups of people. The stereotypes are written on big paper and posted on the wall for students to walk up to and think about. Kosinski says, “After viewing the wall of stereotypes, we had an amazing discussion. There was one student who was particularly quiet. I finally called on him to get his feedback on the activity. He said, ‘The first time I walked through, I smiled because I have said so many of those things to people. When you told us to put ourselves in their shoes the second time walking through, I thought, I am the one making people feel as bad as they do.’ He paused for a bit and said, ‘This experience has changed my life.’” Kosinski’s students also do service projects, and they went to Janesville, Wisconsin, to look at the world’s largest Peace Pole. “Our class is working on a project to have Peace Poles planted in front of every school in our district,” he said.
  • Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award

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