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Survival Guide for Money Smarts

The Survival Guide for Money Smarts

Earn, Save, Spend, Give


This lively survival guide introduces the basics of financial literacy and money management for kids—from earning and saving money to spending and donating it—and presents essential skills for becoming “money smart.” Readers will find humorous illustrations and engaging examples that bring to life ideas for setting money goals, delaying gratification, being thrifty, building self-esteem, giving to charity, and making socially responsible spending and donating decisions. The authors also offer friendly insight into how choices about money and finances connect to character development and social-emotional well-being. The book includes special features such as:
  • Fictional vignettes called “Choose Your Own Spending Ending,” putting readers in hypothetical situations where they make decisions about how to manage money
  • True success stories about real kids who made smart financial decisions
  • Vocabulary boxes that highlight important terms
  • Quizzes, checklists, tools, tips, and lots more
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Paperback $13.99 80282W Paperback 80282W $13.99
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ISBN: 978-1-63198-028-2
Reading Level: Grade 7
Interest Level: Ages 9–14
Guided Reading Level: Z
Lexile Measure: 830L
Illustrated: two-color, illust.
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 152
Praise for The Survival Guide for Money Smarts

“A superb, reader-friendly resource for young people, ideal for children’s library collections. The Survival Guide for Money Smarts is a guide created especially to be accessible to teenagers and young adults, but doesn’t talk down to the reader or gloss over tough issues. Chapters address how to make a budget plan; tips for being a smart and mindful consumer; the basics of saving accounts, checking accounts, prepaid cards, and credit cards; investments; and more.”—Midwest Book Review

“Builds a solid foundation of financial literacy skills that will serve kids well into their future.”—iHeartLiteracy 
  • Common Core State Standards


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