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Support young children as they learn the importance of setting physical boundaries.

We Are in Charge of Our Bodies

illustrated by Isabel Muñoz

Being in charge of one’s body is a key foundation of consent. We Are in Charge of Our Bodies builds children’s social and emotional skills and helps with setting physical boundaries.

The sixth book in the We Say What’s Okay series, We Are in Charge of Our Bodies follows Jackson and his classmates as they learn the names for their private body parts, that they can say what’s okay for their bodies, and why it’s important to respect others’ bodies. Using the book as a read-aloud, educators and families can model language to help children as they learn how to set and respect physical boundaries. The author, who hosts workshops and trainings on teaching boundaries and consent for families and early childhood educators around the country, offers additional activities in the back of the book.

We Are in Charge of Our Bodies includes an introduction to adult readers about the book’s topic. Digital content features a letter to share with teachers and families and a song from Peaceful Schools with downloadable audio files and sheet music.
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Hardcover $15.99 87151 Hardcover 87151 $15.99
ISBN: 978-1-63198-715-1
Interest Level: Ages 3–5
Guided Reading Level: O
Illustrated: color illust.
Trim Size: 10" x 10"
Page Count: 36
Praise for We Are in Charge of Our Bodies

“As a mother and a pediatrician, I am deeply grateful for this book. Lydia Bowers is an expert in demystifying the human body, personal boundaries, and consent for all ages. This book navigates the space of body positivity, body parts, bodily autonomy, and consent with expert grace, clarity, nuance, and honesty. It is not enough to hope our kids stay safe; these concepts taught at a young age are protective and preventative. It is my hope that this book would be in every space where children live and learn.”—Heather M. Relyea Ashley, MD, FACP, Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, Birmingham, Alabama

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