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Self-Regulation in the Classroom

Helping Students Learn How to Learn


To succeed in school, students need more than subject area knowledge—they must learn how to learn. Faced with endless distractions, today’s students—both with and without special needs—need self-regulation skills more than ever before. Self-regulated learners:
  • find personal value in learning
  • develop effective study habits
  • welcome challenges
  • seek help
  • and use failure as a learning tool, among other crucial skills.
Self-Regulation in the Classroom makes the process of developing self-regulation as easy as ABC: Affect (how you feel), Behavior (what you do), and Cognition (how you think). Teaching students to balance these three elements builds motivation, resilience, and college and career readiness. This user-friendly, comprehensive guide provides:
  • Evidence-based practices to help students engage in learning, build confidence, set and manage goals, develop habit of thinking, do effective home study, and reflect on their learning
  • Up-to-date research on the theories behind self-regulation
  • Ways to address the learning needs of all students, from those who need more support to the most advanced learners
  • Real-life stories of students who achieved success through self-regulation skills
  • A framework for both classroom practice and schoolwide implementation
  • And much more!
Digital content includes customizable forms from the book. A free PLC/Book Study Guide is available for download.

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ISBN: 978-1-63198-032-9
Audience: K–12 teachers, administrators, counselors
Trim Size: 8.5" x  11"
Page Count: 184
Digital Content: Includes the book’s customizable reproducible forms and a PDF presentation for professional development
Praise for Self-Regulation in the Classroom:

“Richard Cash brings his high energy, positive approach to education, providing a road map of how to develop 21st century learners through an empathic understanding of the role of affect, behavior, and cognition. Excellent resource for teachers, psychologists, parents, and administrators.”—Teresa Argo Boatman, Ph.D., psychologist and gifted specialist

“Dr. Cash provides frustrated teachers and parents with research-based answers and strategies to their questions. We know that students have a lot of information coming at them. They need our help and support to sort it, make sense of it, and use it to love learning. This book is exactly what we need.”—Patricia F. Willems, reading specialist at Bloomington Public Schools

“Self-Regulation in the Classroom is a comprehensive and practical guide for the classroom teacher, school administrator, and school support staff. Cash addresses the need for innovative educational strategies when teaching our 21st century, technology-driven students. Grounded in theory and up-to-date research, this book serves to educate the reader and provide tools that will promote student engagement and autonomy in learning. Self-Regulation in the Classroom has my highest recommendation and will become an essential text to be used when developing career and college readiness skills in my students.”—Sandra Mortensen, licensed school counselor, Bloomington Public Schools

“Rich in research and theory but practical enough for Monday morning classroom activities, this book is for anyone looking to increase student engagement and help students regulate their thinking and behavior. Dr. Cash draws from his expertise to provide research-based strategies and ideas to help the highest achieving student or most reluctant learner. Whether you are a classroom teacher addressing diverse learning needs, a principal wanting to provide some key strategies for your teachers, or a district administrator searching for a professional development resource, Self-Regulation in the Classroom will be an invaluable resource you can return to again and again.”—Nathan Warner, M.Ed., assistant principal
“This action-ready, comprehensive, beautifully organized resource full of power tools for student self-regulation is all a teacher needs to bring daily success to students.”—LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed., coauthor of Deeper Learning and Bringing the Common Core to Life
“Self-Regulation in the Classroom is full of practical, specific ideas backed by current research for supporting all learners in today’s classroom. Teachers now have the preeminent tool at their disposal for supporting self-regulation for learning.”—Tim Robinson, elementary GATE program coordinator, Washoe County School District

“Dr. Cash has an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of the matter on how to become a self-regulated learner in any environment. He gives user-friendly strategies on how to create a personal desire within an individual to persevere in becoming a lifelong learner in our ever-changing society. Self-Regulation in the Classroom is a must read for any person who wants to assist others in becoming the best they can be.”—Barbara Morrison, M.Ed., multi-categorical instructor, Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School

“Dr. Cash’s in-depth, well-researched, and insightful book addresses both the socioeconomic and the academic-intellectual needs of all students. It is filled with sound theory, interesting concepts, and practical strategies. Throughout the book, he emphasizes the world of 21st century students with its information overload and constant distractions. He offers ways for kids to learn how to focus, build self-confidence, set goals, think deeply, manage their time and their stressors, and study effectively. I highly recommend this book not only for those new to the profession but also for veteran teachers who sometimes bemoan, ‘The kids today just aren’t like the ones I used to teach years ago.’”—Carolyn Coil, Ed.D., educational consultant and author

“As a teacher for nearly thirty years, it is exciting to find a strategy that energizes me as an educator. Self-Regulation in the Classroom is grounded in research, user friendly, and chock full of strategies and activities to guide all students toward finding their own ‘sweet spot’ for learning. Dr. Cash has a superb understanding of how the mind works and how to tap into its fullest potential.”—Monica Fitzgerald, teacher, grade 3 

“A gem for all 21st century teachers, this book will help educators guide their students toward self-discovery, effective production, and improved self-esteem. Used frequently as a guide to classroom environment, the end result of Self-Regulation in the Classroom should be a student-centered classroom culture, enhanced self-esteem, and improved outcomes for ALL!”—Joy Lawson Davis, Ed.D., associate professor and chair, Department of Teacher Education, Virginia Union University
Self-Regulation in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn How to Learn
A Free Webinar with Richard Cash, Ed.D.

Fostering Confidence to Engage Students in Learning
A Free Webinar with Richard Cash, Ed.D.

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June 14, 2021 / michelb366
A Must-Have

Richard Cash’s Self Regulation in the Classroom is a must-have for every classroom teacher. He gives amazing tools to use with all grade levels. Definitely 5 stars from me!!


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