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Webinar: Preparing the Next Generation of K–12 Student Leaders

Mariam G. MacGregor, M.S., author of Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens, the companion student workbook Everyday Leadership, Building Everyday Leadership in All Kids, and Teambuilding with Teens, helps you understand, create, and measure student leadership programs in your K–12 school.

Part 1: What You Need to Know: Basics to Designing Student Leadership Programs

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This session provides a brief introduction to leadership education in the K–12 setting. Ideas for establishing a schoolwide definition of leadership and setting the tone for schoolwide leadership efforts are covered. 

Part 2: Creating a K–12 Student Leadership Continuum

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Many schools offer multiple leadership efforts without realizing who and how many students are really being reached. This session focuses on developing leadership priorities, clarifying program offerings, and addressing leadership education gaps while respecting limited instructional minutes.  

Part 3: Measuring Leadership Learning and Promoting an Ongoing Culture of Leadership

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Lasting leadership learning comes from inspiring all students and staff to value a schoolwide culture of leadership. This session highlights the Everyday Leadership Skills and Attitudes (ELSA) Inventory for assessing individual leadership awareness, as well as introduces ways to integrate leadership into a school’s everyday language and rhythm.   

About the Author

Mariam G. MacGregor, M.S., founded and (now, an online clearinghouse and resource center for individuals working with youth leaders. She has consulted with a number of organizations and presented workshops to diverse audiences with an emphasis on designing meaningful and sustainable youth leadership experiences in both school- and community-based settings. 


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