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The Big Deal About Addictions: What Educators Need to Know

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Since the pandemic, rates of addiction among all age groups have increased. The stress of online school, not seeing friends, and increased isolation make it harder for many kids (and parents) to cope. In addition to causing anxiety and depression, the pandemic has also led to an increase in addictions. These can take many forms, from substance addictions such as to marijuana and alcohol, to behavioral addictions such as to video games, social media, texting, and more. As a result, many kids and teens are struggling to keep up with online schooling.

In this edWebinar, Dr. James J. Crist, author of What’s the Big Deal About Addictions?, addresses the prevalence of addictive disorders among teens, how to spot the signs of addiction, how addiction impacts online learning, and how educators can work with teens and help them improve their learning experience.
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Help teens make informed decisions with judgment-free information about addictive behaviors.

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