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Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain
Trevor Romain 
Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain

Bullies are mean. Bullies are scary. Bullies are a pain in the brain—and every child needs to know what to do when confronted by one.

This book blends humor with serious, practical suggestions for coping with bullies.

Trevor Romain reassures kids that they're not alone and it's not their fault if a bully decides to pick on them. He explains some people are bullies and describes realistic ways to become "Bully-Proof," stop bullies from hurting others, and get help in dangerous situations.

And if bullies happen to read this book, they'll find ideas they can use to get along with others and feel good about themselves—without making other people miserable.

  Free printable pages from Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain

Quiz: Are You a Bully?
Five Myths About Bullies



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112 pages, illustrated, softcover, 5 1/8" x 7", ISBN 978-1-57542-023-3

F&P: Grade 3/Ages 8–13/O
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  • Read, America! Selection

“This self-help guide is packed with mind-easing information.”
Carolina Parent

“A deceptively simple approach to dealing with a difficult issue faced by millions of children every day.”—School Library Journal

“Attractive format . . . especially accessible to children.”—School Library Journal

Item No: 20233W

Price: $8.95


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