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Be the Boss of Your Stress
Self-Care for Kids
Timothy Culbert, M.D., and Rebecca Kajander C.P.N.P., M.P.H. 
Be the Boss of Your Stress

Be the Boss of Your Stress is a resource on stress management for kids that  speaks to kids ages 8 and up with this message: When your body, mind, and spirit are balanced—working together—they help you stay healthy and positive, even when you have stress. Stress is your body’s reaction to things that worry you or make you feel unsure. When you are upset or anxious about something, your body produces energy boosting chemicals that may cause a rapid heartbeat, tense muscles, sweaty hands, poor digestion, and the inability to think clearly. When you start to have stress problems, talk to someone you love and trust, stay positive, have a laugh, stay active, stick with daily routines, and take care of yourself. You can take care of yourself with these body boss skills:

•    Belly breathing
•    Changing what you are thinking about
•    Relaxing with positive self-talk
•    Letting go and getting loose
•    Aromatherapy
•    Acupressure

Kids will be happier and healthier when they are the boss of their bodies and can take care of most of their stress on their own. The self-care skills in this book do not replace health care professionals, but they do help kids learn what they can do to take care of themselves. They will learn to deal with being stressed out, whether related to school, friends, or stuff happening at home. As they learn to be less stressed, they will feel better and more in charge of their health.

Be the Boss of Your Stress correlates with the National Health Education Standards (NHES). Click here to see detailed alignment information.

Be the Boss of Your Body® books are written by a pediatrician and a nurse practitioner and are based on proven medical science.


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64 pages, softcover, full-color, 8" x 8", ISBN 978-1-57542-256-5

F&P: Grade 5/Ages 8–12/U
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Awards for the Be the Boss of Your Body Series:

  • Dr. Toy’s Best Children’s Products
  • Mom’s Choice Award

Awards for Be the Boss of Your Stress:

  • National Parenting Publication (NAPPA) Award

“These books are fabulous and I can’t wait to use them with clients. You really did a great job of capturing the strategies for managing stress, sleep, and pain in a very kid-friendly way. Thanks for the great resource.”
—Gloria Guinee, MSW, LICSW

“Clear, practical...excellent series on self-care for kids. I recommend it highly.”
—Andrew Weil, M.D., Director, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, and author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health

Item No: 22565W

Price: $4.50 $8.95


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