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Advancing Differentiation

Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century


Do you practice differentiated instruction in your classroom? Are you ready to take it to the next level? Go beyond basic teaching strategies and gain the tools to differentiate the critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills at the core of your students’ learning across all content areas.

This advanced K–12 teacher’s guide will transform the way you—and your students—think while you are differentiating instruction. The differentiated instruction strategies in this book will help you:
  • Build achievement motivation and self-regulation
  • Set new roles for student and teacher that encourage learner autonomy
  • Inspire your students’ passion and creativity
  • Employ cutting-edge techniques for designing rigorous E4 curriculum (Effective, Engaging, Enriching, and Exciting)
Key features include:
  • A solid, up-to-date research base that builds on the work of respected experts such as Carol Dweck, Robert Sternberg, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Diane Heacox, Benjamin Bloom, Joseph Renzulli, Robert Marzano, Edward Deci, and Barry Zimmerman
  • More than fifty illustrative figures, diagrams, and sample lessons in all content areas
  • Foreword by Diane Heacox, Ed.D.
A highly sought-after speaker, author Richard M. Cash brings over twenty-five years’ experience as a classroom teacher and professional development trainer to this collection of essential research, practical information, differentiated instruction strategies, tools, templates, and activities.

Advancing Differentiation is a powerful resource that will lead you through the process of creating a thriving, student-centered, 21st-century classroom. 
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ISBN: 978-1-57542-357-9
Audience: K–12 teachers and administrators
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 208
Digital Content: Includes reproducible pages from the book and a PowerPoint presentation for professional development
Praise for Advancing Differentiation:
“Explains how teachers can organize learning for individual students in a way that will aid them in actively and successfully thinking their way through appropriately challenging content.”—Gifted Child Today

“Richard Cash brings the fast pace of the 21st century into a commonsense classroom capsule.”—Patricia Rebarchik, director of curriculum and instruction, Hastings Public Schools, Hastings, MN

“Amazingly comprehensive . . . a gem of a resource for educators!”—Anne Roloff, Ph.D., president of Illinois ASCD

“The clear writing, commonsense approaches, and suggestions and charts will give any teacher—new or seasoned—confidence and motivation.”—Judith Roseberry, consultant, past president of California Association for the Gifted

“An essential book for teachers in the current educational landscape.”—Felicia A. Dixon, Ph.D., professor emerita of psychology, Department of Educational Psychology, Ball State University

“Cash’s approach to differentiation is refreshing, authentic, and practical. He takes a complex philosophy and brings it alive through his writing . . . This publication should be in the hands of all teachers K–16.”—Jaime A. Castellano, Ed.D., principal and coordinator of gifted education at Ganado Intermediate School in Ganado, Arizona, and author of Special Populations in Gifted Education: Understanding Our Most Able Students From Diverse Backgrounds

“One of the most inspiring and practical books I’ve read in years . . . I was blown away by how useful all the chapters will be to our profession.”—Rick Wormeli, writer and teacher trainer, author of Fair Isn’t Always Equal and Differentiation: From Planning to Practice

“Dr. Cash takes differentiated instruction to a new level of urgency and pedagogical quality . . . This book is a breath of fresh air.”—Scott J. Peters, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Educational Foundations, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

“This book is just what the field of education has been waiting for. In the maze of understanding and implementing differentiation, Richard’s incisiveness, experience, and original concept truly advance the reader into the 21st century. Richard writes with a clarity that appeals to both the novice and the seasoned educator. I’ve yet to read a more comprehensive teacher guide. Advancing Differentiation just moved to the top of my recommended list!”—Jeff Danielian, teacher resource specialist, editor-in-chief of Teaching for High Potential, National Association for Gifted Children

  • Common Core State Standards

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have transformed the level of thinking and performance that students will need for competence in the 21st century. Advancing Differentiation provides a valuable resource for teachers in helping all students reach advanced levels of thinking. The book offers numerous ideas for motivating students to seek more sophisticated levels of critical questioning and creative action, while also giving teachers the support needed in developing powerful decision makers. Developing thinking skills is a daily activity that must be embedded into all lessons, not only those addressing the Common Core.

    Additionally, the CCSS require students to go beyond simply collecting facts and applying strategies. Advancing Differentiation includes techniques for dissecting standards and curriculum, and focusing learning on the interrelated conceptual frameworks embedded in all content areas—thereby increasing student engagement. This guide will provide you with useful evidence-based strategies that assist all students in advancing their levels of thinking and learning.

    —Richard M. Cash, Ed.D.

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